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Now that fall is approaching, it’s time to think about tree and yard care to prepare for another intense Edmonton winter.

Fall is the perfect time to get a lot done. Not only can you repair the damage from a summer of using the yard, you can also prepare your plants for the cold and wind to come. Every yard is a little different but here are a few widely useful things to put on your winter preparation checklist:

  1. Protect and repair your yard Fall is a great time to get rid of any weeds that have sprung up during the summer. Just like your other plants, weeds will be trying to store lots of energy to survive the winter. Not only will they take up space that could be used by plants you want, they’ll also take the energy from the soil that your plants need. This is also a great opportunity to repair any damaged grass and fertilize your lawn for great spring growth next year.

  2. Insulate your trees Trees are really tough. If you’ve planted trees that are native to Alberta, they’re designed to last the winter here. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t give them every advantage. To protect your trees’ root systems, clear away any debris or unwanted plant life around the base of each tree. You can also lay down mulch to better insulate the root system from the elements. Young trees that haven’t developed a thick bark will need the most help. You can purchase or build special insulation designed specifically to protect them from animals and the elements.

  3. Prune only when trees and bushes are dormant Pruning away any dead leaves or branches can be done all year to give space for new growth. Other pruning should be done after the trees become dormant, as pruning in the fall makes trees more susceptible to fungi and other diseases.

  4. Check for rodents You should check for rodent damage all through the winter. Trees make attractive homes for all kinds of pests looking for food and shelter. Natural and chemical deterrents as well as physical barriers put up in the fall can help protect your trees from unwanted guests.

A professional arborist from All Season Tree Service can help you complete your winter checklist with all the steps that are unique to your yard. We have all the knowledge and equipment to help you be as prepared for an Edmonton winter as possible. Contact us today for more information on tree removal, pruning, or just general advice on how to keep your trees in great condition all year round.


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