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Tree Removal Edmonton

Sick tree? Or perhaps you’re planning to put in a pool or a landscaping feature? Over the years we’ve learned that there’s more than one reason a tree needs to come down, and when it does, All Season Tree Service will be there for you. These are the most common reasons we get called in for tree removal.

  1. Storm Damage Here in St. Albert, we’ve been known to get a decent storm or two. Unfortunately, our harsh winter blizzards can severely break branches, or even crack a tree right through the middle. At the very least, a storm-damaged tree should be pruned to ensure healthy structure for regrowth. Of course a young, healthy tree is more likely to rebound after a harsh storm, but any tree that’s lost 50 percent or more of its branches probably needs to be removed. Trees with severely damaged trunks also usually need to be removed.

  2. Landscaping There are times when you simply want to redesign your backyard, and others when a tree becomes a hazard to your roof or to nearby power lines. Other times still, an overly dense stand of trees needs more space to grow. Any of these cases can be cause to remove a tree.

  3. Sick or Infested Trees Sick trees need to be removed for 2 reasons: there’s the danger of them becoming weakened and falling, and there’s the possibility they might infect the surrounding vegetation. Sometree sicknesses can be effectively treated, but only a professional arborist can diagnose which ones. Badly infested trees should also be removed.

  4. Rotted Out Tree If one third of the tree is rotted out, it should probably be removed. With a tree this compromised, the integrity of the trunk is weakened enough that falling is a risk. Remove it if safety concerns warrant. Otherwise, if it’s far back on a lot, it can stand for many years and be an excellent food source and habitat for local wildlife.

  5. Uneven Growth A tree that has branches growing only on 1 side is often unwell and likely has significant root or trunk damage. These trees are not just unsightly; they’re at risk of falling. Additionally, leaning trees—especially those angling towards a structure—pose a greater risk of collapsing. A certified arborist can help you evaluate the health and viability of your trees.


Need an arborist? In Edmonton, All Season Tree Service has been removing trees for 20 years. Contact us to get a free estimate on tree removal in Edmonton, St. Albert, and other surrounding areas.

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