butterfly landing on a lilac tree in Edmonton

How to attract beneficial bugs with the right trees and shrubs

Learn how you can attract these types of bugs to your yard and help protect the health of your trees in the most natural way!

Most homeowners go to great lengths to keep insects and pests from ravaging their gardens, but there are certain species like ladybugs, butterflies and bees that can be incredibly beneficial to your yard!

These insects fall into three categories: pollinators, predators and parasites. Keep reading to learn how to attract these bugs to your yard and help protect the health of your trees in the most natural way. 


Bees and butterflies naturally gravitate towards pollinating flowers, so if you want to attract these helpful insects to your yard, be sure to plant fragrant, colourful, native species with a long flowering season. Choose fruit trees, lilac, raspberry or blueberry bushes, or a hearty linden. Once they’re in your yard, bees will pollinate your entire garden leading to healthier plants with higher yields. 


Predatory insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, flower flies, damsel bugs and ground beetles are your best line of defence against crop-destroying pests like aphids, mites, caterpillars, mealy worms, cutworms and more. You can encourage ladybugs and other predators to land in your yard by planting shrubs like mulberry or blueberry. 


Parasitic insects like tachinid flies, braconid wasps, pirate bugs and leaf-miners, help to control the population of pests like tomato worms and caterpillars by injecting their eggs into their prey and feeding off of them until their host is destroyed. While it may sound gruesome, parasites are essential to a healthy garden ecosystem. You can attract parasitic protectors by planting herbs and flowers that take on an umbrella shape such as dill, fennel, or yarrow, or larger shrubs such as lilac or dogwood. 

The Advantages of Attracting Beneficial Insects

Attracting the right insects to your yard will help you control pest populations safely, organically and effectively while contributing to a healthy and natural ecosystem. Adding beneficial insects doesn’t require much effort and can significantly improve the conditions of your soil and the yield of your flowering and fruit-bearing plants. 

Including a wide variety of trees, shrubs and plants will help to attract beneficial insects to your yard and encourage healthy biodiversity. Help keep your population of helpful bugs healthy by providing a small dish of water. You should also offer shade and shelter by adding stones and mulch to your landscape. 

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