A row of pruned shrubs in Edmonton

Create a Friendly Boundary with Shrubs and Hedges

Planting hedges is an environmentally friendly and attractive way to create boundaries around your yard or garden.

In fact, hedges can both enhance the curb appeal of your home while creating a natural border so that you can have some privacy. Plus, they attract wildlife, and they can even help reduce noise and pollution. 

What shrubs make the best hedges?

A hedge is simply a row of shrubs planted in a line. With regular pruning and shaping, the branches will eventually intertwine and create a dense barrier.

The best shrubs for Edmonton with its extreme climate are hearty ones that can withstand harsh winters such as:
  • Lilac
  • Currant
  • Dogwood
  • Dwarf mountain pine
  • Other evergreens
A tall evergreen hedge is excellent for year-round privacy, whereas a shorter, flowering hedge is ideal for creating an aesthetically pleasing border that’s most appreciated in the summer. A professional arborist in your area will know exactly what types of plants you should use in your particular yard.

Shaping your shrubs

Shrub shaping isn’t all about looks. Indeed, regular shrub pruning and maintenance is a must for maintaining the health of your hedges. Besides, allowing them to become overgrown makes your space look messy, interferes with flowering and encourages pests and fungi to take up residence.

Here are some tips for pruning and shaping shrubs:
  • Trim them during their dormant season. Dormancy occurs after the shrub is done flowering in late summer or fall. This is the right time to do a big trim. Any shaping you want to do should be completed after the shrub’s spring growth spurt has come to an end.
  • Respect their natural shape. Don’t go too crazy with your clippers. Shrubs have a natural shape they grow into that suits them best. All that’s required is a little help from the trimmer. Leave the topiary sculpting to artists.
  • Cut carefully. Clip a few branches from down inside the shrub. This allows sun and air to get to the inner branches, encouraging growth and ensuring thick foliage.
  • Consider light distribution. Parts of the hedge that don’t get sunlight will likely die, particularly branches at the bottom. Taper the sides of your hedge so the bottom is slightly wider than the top. This will allow sunlight to reach all the branches.

Shrub shaping and pruning in Edmonton

The professional arborists at All Season Tree Service know that caring for your greenery is both an art and a science. Contact us today for all your pruning and shaping needs and to keep your hedges, shrubs and trees looking their best.