a tree branch that has fallen due to snowfall in an Edmonton yard

How to Prepare Your Trees for Winter and Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Learn how to identify at-risk trees and take these steps to ensure your yard survives the winter without dangerous or costly damage.

With its heavy snowfall, cold temperatures and clippers--weather systems characterized by sudden temperature drops and sharp winds--the Alberta winter can pose a seriously damaging threat to your trees. Though we get a lot of sunlight we also get our fair share of snow, with Central Alberta receiving a good 50 inches of it every year.

Frost cracks (vertical cracks in the tree’s bark) and frostbite (yes, trees too can get frostbite) are a few ways winter weather can damage your tree’s health and integrity. Plus, broken branches from storms, ice buildup or snowfall can put your family at risk and cause damage to your home.

Signs your Trees are at Risk for Damage

Some trees are particularly at risk of experiencing damage during winter. The following are some indicators of impending problems:

  • Soft patches of wood
  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Broken, cracked or sagging limbs
  • Exposed roots
  • Signs of disease or pest infestation
  • Uneven weight distribution (leaning or tilting)

One of our professional arborists can evaluate such risks and determine an appropriate course to safeguard your tress during winter.

We Use Cabling and Bracing to Fortify Trees for Winter

Two common methods arborists use to fortify trees at risk of winter storm damage are tree cabling and tree bracing. Cabling involves using high-strength steel cables to support sagging branches, redistribute weight and prevent swaying in high winds. Bracing involves inserting steel rods above or below existing cracks or splits in the trunk to provide stability.

Additional Protective Measures

The following are some additional proactive measures for protecting trees during winter:

  • Carefully pruning dead, decaying or diseased tree limbs and trimming branches. Depending how tall or dangerous your trees are, we recommend pruning be performed by a professional
  • Spreading mulch around the trunk to prevent roots from freezing
  • Applying a burlap wrap to young trees for protection
  • Watering the tree roots up until ground freezes to avoid winter draught

However, homeowners should only take these tasks upon themselves if they know what they’re doing, for, if done improperly, they can in fact prove detrimental. People inexperienced in tree care can trust a qualified arborist to properly carry out such tasks.

Professional Tree Care Services in Edmonton: From Pruning to Cabling We Can Get Your Yard Ready for a Tough Winter!

Are you looking to ensure your trees’ health this winter and keep you, your family and your home safe from falling branches? Count on All Season Tree Services to get your yard ready for the ravages of the Alberta winter. We provide a wide range of arborist services, including cabling, bracing, pruning, trimming, shaping, stump grinding, tree removal and much more. You can trust our seasoned arborists to do a first-rate job every time. Contact us any day of the year!