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Winter-Friendly Shrubs

Many people assume winter is a time for bleakness and heavy blankets of white snow. At All Season Tree Service, your trusted Edmonton arborists, we want our customers to know that the beauty and fun doesn’t have to end in fall. 1. Barberry Shrub These shrubs are a great foundation for a hedge, as they only grow three to five feet tall and their green leaves turn a beautiful bronze or red in the fall, which continues into the winter. This shrub is a great way to add a splash of colour to your yard if you find the snow to be a monotonous white. Barberry shrubs are very low-maintenance and only need to be pruned a couple of times a year (just after the plant has fruited). 2. Winterberry (a.k.a. Deciduous Holly) Another easy, classic choice, the winterberry shrub grows no taller than 15 feet and is easy to care for. Its vibrant red berries are a joy to see in the winter. What’s more, you can save a little money on winter decorations by using your own holly branches. Be sure you have a male and female plant near one another, though, or you probably won’t get the berries! 3. Firethorn OK, some people think this plant is more of a small tree than a shrub, as it can grow up to 16 feet. Its orange and red berries are so beautiful in the winter, however, that we think we should add it to the list. This shrub (or tree) is also a great choice for beginning gardeners. It’s not prone to many diseases, grows pretty much anywhere, and only needs to be trimmed once a year (spring is typically best). Watch out for its sometimes prickly leaves though! 4. Snowberry Perhaps the most unusual choice on the list, the snowberry is a great choice for any season. In the spring, it has beautiful, delicate-looking white flowers and its intriguing white berries last well into the winter. It’s one of the more difficult trees to grow on the list, however, as it requires regular pruning. Be sure to avoid eating the berries, by the way. Although some animals can snack on them, they’re dangerous for humans! 5. Witch Hazel Shrub You’ve probably heard of “witch hazel” before, as it can be used for various medical purposes, such as treating insect bites. It’s also a great choice for winter shrubbery. Although it can grow as high as 30 feet, you can prune it to whatever shape you like, whenever you like. It’s a great choice for a winter shrub because of its yellow, fragrant blooms. If you’re looking for an arborist in the Edmonton area, contact us at All Season Tree Service today. Not only do we provide shrub shaping and pruning, but we’ll be glad to give you advice about how to have a wonderful yard or garden all year-round.


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