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vibrant fall foliage of maple leaves that are bright yellow and orange

As the summer season sets sail, are you looking to add fall colours to your garden?

Sure, a little Alberta Wild Rose or Bog Cranberry will add vibrant pops of color, but what about something a bit taller? If you have space for trees on your property, then we want to save you some of the legwork and recommend three trees in shades of red, yellow, and pink. Wouldn't that be a sight? Feel free to stop Googling "colourful fall trees Edmonton." As your local tree care service providers, we've done all the research for you. Allow us to present our top three suggestions.


We resisted the urge to list the Red Maple here. We love them, we absolutely do. But, they're quite common. (If, however, you are set on the glory of a maple tree - and we don't blame you - aim for the Red Maple as opposed to the more invasive species like the Amur or Norway trees).

Instead of (or along with) your Red Maple, how about another species with star-shaped leaves that turns red in autumn?

We like the Sweetgum because it's a fast-growing tree. If you're just beginning your fall garden now, it'll only take a few years to see your amber-coated dreams come to fruition.

You'll know things are starting to heat up when you see its leaves turn a yellowish-purple or yellowish-red colour. At this point, it'll only be a few more weeks before you can pull out your easel and start painting this beauty.


Although the jury may be out on Gingko Biloba's ability to ward off dementia, there's one aspect of this tree that can't be denied: it's glorious in the fall. (It's also one of the world's oldest living tree species, native to China.)

Still, these giants do well in Alberta and can extend up to 80 feet tall. In the fall, its leaves turn a bright, potent shade of yellow. And this isn't a drab, dirty-coloured yellow like the poplar. We're talking a bright, golden tone that will set your property (and heart) on fire.

Perhaps one reason these types of trees have lasted so long is that they're rather hearty: they do well at resisting disease and insect infestations. Growing out in the shape of an umbrella, with fan-shaped leaves, this will be quite the stunner as summer fades into fall.


We've discussed some wonderful red and yellows, but how about a curveball? How about green leaves that turn orange and pink in the fall?

The Choke Cherry tree, native to Alberta, can grow to be about ten feet by four feet. In the fall, its green leaves transform into delicate shades of orange and pink. As if that wasn't enough, the small black cherries it produces can be used for jamming or simply left behind for the birds to feast on.

For more colourful inspiration, we suggest heading out to Jasper National Park, Kananaskis Village, or any number of Alberta sights to see which trees not only do well in this area but can also create some of the best fall colours in your own front yard.


You can't go wrong with these three (and a classic Red Maple, of course). Each of these selections is hearty and your new Choke Cherry tree will even allow you to jar unique jams for friends and family! If you live in the Edmonton region and require any sort of tree care services, we're here for you. Here at All Season Tree Service, we can help you add fall colours to your property as you brace your little saplings, and then prune and shape them as they grow.

We also provide tree removal, stump removal (grinding), and can assess hazardous/damaged trees on the property to maximize the full enjoyment of your space. We're committed; we're reliable; we're convenient; and we're here to help you usher in a new season. Contact us today!


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