beautiful trees and landscaping in a commercial courtyard in Edmonton

Tree Care for Commercial Properties Around Edmonton

If they’re well taken care of, trees can enhance the curb appeal of your commercial property. Fortunately, keeping them in peak condition is easy if you hire an arborist.

In and around Edmonton and our surrounding communities, All Season Tree Service provides top-quality tree care for both residential and commercial properties. Here’s what you should know about our services and how we can help your business!


Commercial Tree pruning

We offer year-round tree & shrub pruning, which is a key part of keeping your trees healthy. Neglecting to cut a diseased or heavy branch could potentially kill the tree. For safety reasons, it’s also important to prune branches in close proximity to buildings, walkways, shared community spaces, and powerlines.


Commercial Tree removal

Diseased, dead, and damaged trees are unsightly. Additionally, trees in poor condition are at risk of falling, making them a major safety hazard for any business. Tree removal is a dangerous task to take on yourself, so always recommended to hire an arborist who’ll handle the job with the right tools in a safe and efficient manner. Not mention, once the tree is removed, we can also take care of the unsightly stump.


Storm Damage Services

In severe storms, branches, and even entire trees, can be struck down. If this happens at your business, you can count on us to be there the next day to clear out the fallen lumber and assess the damage to the trees that remain standing.


Emergency Tree Care for Businesses

If a tree on your commercial property is damaged or diseased to the point that it’s at high risk of falling, or it’s already fallen and damaged or blocked access to the building, call us immediately. For your safety and security, we offer emergency services 24/7.


Why you should hire a professional arborist

One of the most important things an arborist provides commercial clients is in-depth knowledge of local regulations. We’re familiar with exactly how to carry out the services you ask for with respect to the law, so you won’t have to worry about accidental rule-breaking or the complications that come with it. Our team is insured, which will contribute to your peace of mind. Plus, hiring a professional means that the job will get done right the first time.


All Season Tree Service has the expertise necessary to diagnose tree diseases and the technical skills required to keep your trees looking their best.


Professional Tree care for Businesses in AND AROUND EDMONTON!

All Season Tree Service is here for all your commercial property tree and landscaping needs. We have the tools and experience necessary to handle any problem, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to get your trees the best care possible!