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edmonton arborist tree trim

Do you have trees on your Edmonton property that look like they may be diseased or infested with insects? Or maybe some are damaged or threaten your property or power lines? Maybe you have hedges or fruit trees that need pruning?

Luckily, all of these matters can be addressed with one phone call—to a professional arborist in Edmonton! What is an arborist? Arborists in Edmonton are professionals trained in the art and science of establishing, nurturing and maintaining individual trees. They have a broad knowledge of tree species and how to plant and care for them. They also have knowledge of bylaws and can advise you on what is permitted and what is not when it comes to tree planting, trimming and removal in Edmonton. What kind of services can an arborist in Edmonton provide? • Trimming and bracing. Trees may require bracing and trimming in Edmonton for a number of reasons, including if they pose a threat to utilities or structures; have diseased, dead, weak or rotten branches; have been damaged by weather; or do not let sufficient light through. • Emergency tree care. Storms can create havoc! Broken branches and felled trees are a serious danger that should be handled by professional arborists in Edmonton. • Tree removal. Trees should only be cut down as a last resort, but sometimes tree removal in Edmonton is the only solution. An arborist will be able to tell you if a dead or dying tree is an unacceptable risk, or if it is crowding, harming or obstructing other trees. Tree removal in Edmonton may also be necessary if you wish to plant a more appropriate variety or make room for construction. • Stump removal. Tree stump removal in Edmonton is a big job, and very messy. One option an arborist can offer is stump grinding, which is much less invasive and won’t make your yard look like a war zone. Who should hire an arborist? Tree care is a dangerous business. The risk of injury is very real. Don’t tackle a project you don’t feel perfectly comfortable doing! A professional arborist in Edmonton has the knowledge, the equipment and the insurance to care for your trees safely and professionally. Well-maintained trees in a yard add value to a property and increase the curb appeal of a home. Poorly maintained trees are a liability. The choice is clear—hire an arborist! Do you have questions about tree care? Call us at All Season Tree Service! Let us put our 25 years of knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact us at All Season Tree Service today for a free estimate!


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