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How Trees Can Affect Property Value

Are you considering the removal of a tree from your front yard? Maybe you want to know what kind of trees you can plant that increase your property value?

Before you make an impactful decision, check out our brief rundown of how tree appraisals work and some tips for determining the value of the trees on your property.


How does one determine the value of a tree?

A number of factors go into a tree appraisal. Some of the main ones are the condition of the tree, its overall health, its size and its location. Arborists will judge these factors using various techniques, including collecting samples, taking measurements, taking photographs, interviewing neighbours and evaluating the surrounding environment.


What kinds of trees increase property value?

Species tends to be of secondary importance when determining the value of a tree. It’s true, however, that some varieties of trees will be less valuable because they present specific issues. For example, the silver maple won’t necessarily add great value to your home because its wood is weak and brittle and may break in severe storms. Plus, its shallow root system tends to invade sewage pipes and cracked driveways.


More often, the most relevant factors in the price are the ones already mentioned — size, health and location. If you have a healthy, mature, well-placed, well-pruned tree, it can add as much as 5% in value to your property.


What kinds of trees may negate property value?

In some cases, a tree may actually negate your property value. For example, when a tree encroaches on power lines, is dead or dying, is cracked, has major issues with pests or disease or is within five metres of your home. In other words, when the tree poses a health or safety risk or is simply an eyesore.


In these circumstances, having the tree removed may actually boost your property value.


Of course, sometimes a pest-ridden tree can be successfully treated, and sometimes a tree that is encroaching on your home or on power lines simply needs to be pruned. The tree and your unique situation should therefore always be assessed by a professional to determine the best course of action.


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