a towering willow tree in Edmonton

Tree Shaping in Edmonton: Which Trees Benefit the Most From Shaping?

While most trees are left to their own devices, they can cause homeowners trouble as they grow over the years. This is why tree-shaping services are becoming more popular in Edmonton and other places across the country.

All trees are different when it comes to tree shaping, though. Which trees benefit the most from shaping? Read on to find out!

The Basics of Tree Pruning and Shaping

Tree shaping can have a positive impact on plant growth. When trees are shaped right, they can grow in a more controlled and uniform manner. Shaping can help stimulate the growth of new branches and leaves, which can increase the tree's ability to photosynthesize and produce energy.

Tree shaping is only meant for healthy trees, though. A professional tree shaper in Edmonton should assess the health of a tree before shaping it. When it comes to species, some trees are more amenable to shaping than others.

The ultimate decision to shape a tree should depend on the tree's health, growth habits, and desired outcome. A professional tree care service in Edmonton can help homeowners and business owners make an informed decision. They can take care of the tree in a safe and effective manner.

Excellent Types for Tree Service

Willows and elms, two tree species found in Edmonton, are great candidates for shaping. These trees have flexible branches and a strong ability to regenerate. This allows them to tolerate pruning and bending without suffering significant damage or stress.

Birch trees can also get shaped without causing harm to their health or structure.

Another common tree species in Edmonton, the aspen, can get shaped to create a unique aesthetic appeal. Aspens have flexible branches that you can train to grow in various shapes and forms.

The same is true for dogwood trees, which have a more open, spreading growth habit and can get shaped into various designs.

Species That Need Gentle Tree Care

Trees with brittle branches and slow regrowth, such as maples and oaks, are less suitable for shaping. These trees may need more aggressive pruning to achieve the desired shape, which can result in a weakened tree structure.

Some evergreen tree species, such as spruces and firs, are less amenable to shaping as well. They have an upright or columnar growth habit that makes it challenging to manipulate their shape.

There are some evergreen species that are more suitable for shaping. Pine trees, particularly the Mugo and Scots pine varieties, and cedar trees have flexible branches. These trees have an open growth habit, and you can train them to grow in a specific direction or shape without compromising their overall health and structure.

Are You Interested in Tree Shaping Services?

Tree shaping is an effective technique to add beauty and functionality to a landscape. It's important to choose the right tree species for shaping. Working with professionals will keep your yard in top condition.

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