an arborist removing hazardous limbs from a damaged tree after assessment

Tree Evaluations and Risk Assessment

A tree is a beautiful part of your property’s landscape, unless it becomes a hazard.

In some cases, the tree just needs to be reinforced with bracing or cabling. If a tree suffers excessivestorm damage or irreversible decay, however, it may need to be removed. Determining the best and safest course of action requires expertise, which is why you should rely on an experienced arborist’s assessment.

Why Some Trees Need to Get Assessed

A proper assessment of your trees is a crucial part of caring for your property. Here are the three main reasons to have your trees inspected.

  • Safety. Weak limbs and cracked trunks create a serious hazard. Falling branches can damage your property and cause injury. A tree may also need to be removed if it’s too close to your home or another building because it could fall on the structure or damage the foundation with its roots.

  • Tree health. Pests and diseases can be hard to detect and, if left untreated, may irreparably damage or kill a tree. Sick and dead trees are weak and dangerous. They can also infect nearby trees. In addition to detecting health concerns, arborists can recommend pruning practices to help keep your trees strong.

  • Esthetics. Healthy trees look better than frail and decaying trees, in addition to being safer. It can also be helpful or necessary to have the value of your trees assessed if you want to sell the property.

Arborists can use the information obtained from an assessment to recommend the best types of trees for your property. They can also identify which trees need to be monitored closely.


When to Get Trees Assessed

You should have the trees on your property inspected twice a year to prevent them from becoming dangerous. In the summer, arborists can check the colour of the leaves and whether new growth is developing properly. In the winter, they can more easily identify structural weaknesses since there aren’t leaves blocking their view.

If you hire an arborist to remove a diseased tree, ask them to inspect the other trees on your property as a precaution.


Professional Tree Services in Alberta

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