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Alberta Tree Infestations to Watch Out For

So how do you know if your tree is diseased? Here are some common kinds of tree infestations in Alberta that property owners should know about.

Tree diseases and pest infestations are serious and require professional attention from an experienced arborist. A sick tree can quickly infect other plant life on your property and turn a beautiful shady wood into a barren wasteland. Fortunately, quick tree removal or remediation can help.

Black Knot

Black Knot, or Apiosporina morbosa, is a fungal infection that produces a black, rough growth on a tree’s wood. If left unattended, the disease will eventually kill the affected tree. Ornamental trees found in urban areas are most at risk. Black Knot can affect cherry, chokecherry, plum, and apricot trees. You need to remove the infected branches with careful pruning to ensure the fungus doesn’t spread to other parts of the tree.


Bronze birch borer

The bronze birch borer has become widespread in Alberta, and this beetle’s larvae are to blame for compromising the health of many trees. They bore their way under a birch trees’ bark, creating tunnels in it and slowly killing the tree. Signs of this pest include raised welts on the bark and discolouration of the leaves at the top of the tree.

The bronze birch borer usually attacks unhealthy trees in urban areas. The best way to protect your birches from this pest is to keep them healthy with regular fertilization and pruning.


Dutch elm disease

Dutch elm disease has decimated urban elm forests. Edmonton has one of the last healthy stands of elm trees in North America, and it’s paramount that everyone is vigilant about keeping the disease at bay. The elm bark beetle causes the disease by boring into the bark and producing a fungus that poisons the tree and cuts off its sap supply.

Infected elms have leaves that turn yellow in summer. Once diagnosed, infected elms need to be pruned or removed to prevent the disease from spreading to other healthy trees. It’s also important to destroy the wood of infected elms.


Diagnosing Tree Diseases

If you think one of your trees may have a disease, you can use our guide to tree diseases to try and identify the problem. Alternatively, one of our arborists can visit your property to make a diagnosis. All Season Tree Service has the knowledge and experience to tackle pest infestations and can help you effectively treat the diseased plants on your property and remove them safely if necessary.


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