a fallen tree after a storm in edmonton damaging a fence and hanging in to residential laneway

3 Reasons You Need a Professional to Handle Hazardous Post-Storm Cleanup

If you have downed, uprooted or split trees on your property after a storm, they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

That said, attempting to do the clean-up yourself can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries or even death. Here are three of the biggest risk factors associated with trying to complete a hazardous tree removal without hiring professionals.


1.     Improper technique

Trees don’t always fall the way you expect. If you try to remove a broken or split tree, it could end up falling on your home, your car, a power line or even another person. Additionally, when a tree hits the ground, it can break into several pieces and send shrapnel flying in different directions, which could cause serious injuries.

At All Season Tree Service, our arborists take the time to secure the area, cut the proper indentations into the tree and attach a pulley system to help guide its fall. This ensures the task is done safely and won’t cause any additional damage to your property.


2.     Proximity to power lines

It’s common for branches and trees to fall near power lines during a storm. If this happens on your property, don’t attempt to clear them yourself. Using a metal ladder or long-handled saw or pruner to remove the debris puts you at risk of electrocution if you come in contact with the power line. Additionally, you might cause the branches or tree to fall on the power line, which could trigger a fire or power outage.

If any damaged trees on your property are in close proximity to power lines, it’s best to leave the job of clearing them to the experts at All Season Tree Service. Our team has the training and equipment needed to safely complete this task.


3.    Incorrect tools

Oftentimes, removing fallen trees and broken branches requires the use of large tools such as chainsaws, pruners and axes. If you’re working on a ladder, a slope or an uneven surface, you can easily lose your balance and get injured. Furthermore, safely cutting down a tree with these tools takes practice. The tree removal specialists at All Season Tree Service use these tools every day, and they have equipment such as spurs, ropes and harnesses to ensure the job is done safely.


Storm Damage Services in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

If you have a damaged tree or broken branches on your property following a storm, the team at All Season Tree Service can help. Our experienced arborists offer comprehensive tree removal and storm damage services throughout the Edmonton area including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Beaumont and surrounding areas. Contact us today to book a service call or request a free quote.