front of a commercial building with a beautiful landscape of trees shrubs and flowers

Give Your Property A Makeover in Time For Spring Growth

If you own or manage a commercial building that has a garden or yard, landscaping is crucial to maintaining the curb appeal of your property.

Among other things, you need to make sure the various trees and shrubs are healthy, safe and looking good. As winter comes to an end, now’s the perfect time to spruce up these plants so that your property looks lush and inviting throughout the summer.


When to prune and shape trees

The optimal time to prune or shape a tree depends on the species. For example, certain types of trees respond very well to being trimmed during their winter dormancy period, and doing so will result in rapid, lush growth come spring. While early spring is an ideal time to prune many species of trees, it’s best to consult an arborist. These professionals can recommend the best time to prune each tree to ensure a healthy growing season.


What benefits you can expect

Trimming and shaping trees are two techniques that help keep your shrubs and trees healthy while also enhancing their appearance. For many species, making cuts just before they start to bloom can promote healthy and stronger growth in spring.

In addition, pruning away dead and damaged branches that didn’t make it through the winter will protect your trees from rot and insect infestations as the weather gets warmer. This will also prevent these branches from falling on powerlines, property and people.

When it comes to shrubs, seasonal maintenance can encourage healthy fruit and flower development. It also ensures broken and diseased branches don’t impede the plant’s growth.


How to get the best results

While it might seem simple to cut branches off a tree or shrub, it’s all too easy to stunt a plant’s growth or kill it completely if you prune too much or cut off the wrong branches. In particular, it’s important to prune trees and shrubs according to their natural height, width and branch pattern. The best way to guarantee that your trees and shrubs are properly shaped and pruned is to hire a professional arborist to tend to their needs.


Tree And Shrub Trimming And Shaping Services In Alberta

Get your commercial property ready for spring with the help of All Season Tree Service. Our team of experienced arborists will ensure your trees and shrubs are healthy, safe and helping your property look its best. For more information about our services or to request a free estimate, contact us today.