professional arborist using a chainsaw on a weakened tree

5 Tips To Prevent Storm Damage To Your Property This Year

Strong winds and heavy rainfall can batter the trees on your property and cause severe damage. 

That’s why it’s crucial to identify vulnerable trees early in the season so you can take preventive measures before a storm hits.

Inspect Trees For Weakness In The Spring

If a tree isn’t healthy and strong, it’ll be more susceptible to cracking, splitting or even falling over during severe weather. Here are five signs that you might have a hazardous tree on your property:


1.      There’s a hole or deep cavity in the trunk

A hole or deep cavity in the trunk of a tree can attract moisture, rot and decay. That said, even if the hole looks small from the outside, the tree could still have significant internal decay making it structurally unsound and more likely to fall over in strong winds.


2.      The tree is leaning more than usual

Trees don’t necessarily grow perfectly straight. However, a tree with a new or pronounced lean could be cause for concern. You should keep an eye out for cracked or heaving soil, as well as exposed roots around the base of the tree. These are signs that the tree may be unstable and could fall over in severe weather.


3.      The roots are rotting or damaged

A healthy root system is vital to a tree’s overall health and stability. If you notice dark spots or mushrooms growing around the base of the tree, these are signs of root rot. Furthermore, wilted leaves, limited growth and thinning foliage also indicate that the tree’s root system may be compromised. Consequently, trees without sufficient root support can topple more easily in storms.


4.      There are deep cracks in the bark

Deep splits or cracks in the bark of a tree are usually an indication that it’s sick or stressed. These signs often mean that the tree is structurally unstable and at high risk of failure, especially during a storm.


5.      There are dead branches or leaves

Dead branches can be concerning as they’re brittle and weak. Since they give way more easily in strong winds, this could cause damage to your property. In addition, dry or thinning leaves may be a sign that the tree is diseased or infested, which could make the trunk more likely to split or the tree more at risk of toppling in harsh weather.


Tree Removal and Storm Damage Services In Edmonton

At All Season Tree Service, our certified arborists provide tree hazard assessments for residential and commercial customers in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. They’ll come out to your property and inspect each tree’s condition, from its foliage down to its roots. In addition, they can make recommendations for how to support and treat diseased trees to help keep your property safe. Contact us today for a free estimate.