trees covered in ice along a road in Edmonton

Snow Damage and Ice Glaze: Are they destroying the trees on your property?

How homeowners can identify and prevent different types of snow and ice glaze damage from minor to more serious cases!

Mother Nature tends to be turbulent with the elements in our great province of Alberta—especially throughout the winter months. Heavy snowfalls, high winds and fluctuating temperatures can all take their toll on your landscaping. 

But how can you tell when the trees on your property could use a little extra protection against winter storm damage? Keep reading to learn how to identify the damage and prevent bad weather from destroying the trees surrounding your Edmonton home or property. 

How snow and ice damage can affect your trees

Snow damage is caused by excess weight from a heavy accumulation of snow, which puts a tree’s branches and stems under a great deal of strain. This can lead to bent or broken branches. Similarly, a buildup of ice can put the tree at risk for cracked and broken branches. Ice glaze occurs after freezing rain has covered the tree in a layer of ice.

In addition to bent and broken branches, repeated snow damage and ice glaze may cause your tree to lean towards one side. The leaning may appear to be a result of the weight of the snow or ice itself, but actually has more to do with the soil underneath the tree—which may be shifting as a result of irregular melting and freezing patterns. 

Identifying trees at risk

With both snow damage and ice glaze, trees with pre-existing stem diseases are at the greatest risk for damage. The severity of the threat to the tree depends on the shape and density of your tree, the species of tree, whether or not the tree has been recently pruned, if there are dead or decaying branches and the type of fertilizer you use.

How to treat ice-damaged trees 

The best way to prevent snow and ice from damaging your trees is to perform regular tree maintenance to increase the strength and integrity of the tree. If the tree has already been damaged, you’ll have to remove broken branches and take care not to cause further harm. In the spring, treat the tree with a good quality fertilizer to speed up the recovery process.

If winter storm damage has already caused extensive ice damage to the trees on your Edmonton property, you can count on the emergency tree services from All Season Tree Service. Our friendly and professional arborists will assess your tree and help you decide on the best course of action.

For more information about how to protect your trees from winter storm damage, contact All Season Tree Service. We’ve been Edmonton’s trusted source for tree care and maintenance for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to get a free estimate or learn more about the services we offer.