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Are you familiar with the signs of tree stress? Knowing how to identify early indicators of diseases and insect infestations will allow you to take action quickly and prevent these problems from worsening. Here’s what you should know.

Signs There are five clear signs of tree stress to watch for:

  1. Failure to sprout A sure sign something wrong is if your trees fail to sprout new leaves in the spring. Likewise, if your tree sprouts only in certain areas and not others, then you may have a tree disease on your hands.

  2. Small, wilted, browning leaves Leaves that turn crispy and brown at the edges indicate that your tree may not be getting enough water.

  3. Yellowing leaves or leaves dropping early Leaves that turn yellow early in the season may be a signifier of chlorosis. This condition is one in which the tree has difficulty turning sunlight into sugar (photosynthesis). It can be caused by drought, disease or an insect infestation.

  4. Mushroom growing at the base Some mushrooms and fungi are helpful to trees, but many aren’t. Among other things mushrooms may be a sign of heart rot disease, a condition that causes the affected tree to decay from the inside.

  5. Cracks in the trunk or branches Small cracks should heal on their own, but if you notice large fissure in the trunk or branches, it’s best seek the advice of a professional.

Solutions If you observe signs of tree stress, you can do the following to try and improve its health:

  • Water and fertilize your tree. It could be that some water and fertilizer will help your trees bounce back. Water and fertilize deeply so that your trees’ roots get the hydration and nutrients they need.

  • Apply mulch. Add a layer of mulch around your trees to increase the nutrients in the soil.

  • Prune your tree. Pruning away diseased parts of a tree can stop an infestation from spreading and save your tree’s life. Pruning also strengthens trees, prevents storm damage and improves fruit growth.

  • Remove your tree. Sometimes, the damage to a tree is so severe that you need to remove it. An arborist will be able to assess whether or not your tree can be saved.


The knowledgeable arborists at All Season Tree Service in Edmonton can help you care for your stressed trees. We’ll visit your property and evaluate your them to diagnose the problem and move forward with the most appropriate treatment. Contact us today to book an appointment or get a free estimate.


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