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To avoid needing to contend with ice and snow, many people hang their outdoor holiday lights in the fall. When it comes to hanging them on trees, however, caution is a must. To ensure great results and a safe experience, follow these dos and don’ts.

Do Here’s what you need to do to hang holiday lights from trees:

  • Choose a strong, mature tree. Young or fragile trees can break under the weight of holiday lights, and cabling can stunt and warp a tree’s growth. Also, make sure the tree you choose is clear of any power lines.

  • Measure your tree. Determine the circumference of your tree’s trunk and estimate its height. Decide how you want your lights spaced out and then figure out how many strings will be required to fill the entire tree.

  • Use outdoor lights. Check the packaging on your lights to make sure they’re designed for outdoor use. Using indoor lights outside can lead to them sparking and damaging your tree.

  • Secure your extension cord. Make sure your extension cord is designed for outdoor use and has a three-prong grounded plug. Secure it in a place where there’s no danger of someone tripping over it.

  • Use a ladder. Use a ladder to access high branches, but don’t do it alone. Whenever you work on a ladder, have someone on the ground hold it steady.

  • Choose LED lights. LED lights last up to 12 times longer than traditional holiday lights and use less energy.

Don’t Avoid these common mistakes to keep you and your trees happy:

  • Use staples or nails. Don’t use staples or nails to fasten and hang lights on your trees. Using a staple gun can damage your light’s cabling and the tree’s bark. Instead, use electrical tape to wrap your lights around your tree.

  • Leave your lights on all year. Cables wrapped tightly around trunks and branches can impede and warp a tree’s growth. Remove your lights after the holidays are over.

  • Overload the power. Don’t put too many lights on one outlet. Overloading your electrical panel can trip your circuit breaker.

  • Leave your lights on all night. Don’t leave your holiday lights on all night. Use a timer to turn them off and save energy.


At All Season Tree Service, we want to help you keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy all year long. We offer tree pruning as well as shrub and tree shaping so your trees can be healthy, beautiful and strong. To schedule an appointment or get a free estimate, contact us today.


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