beautiful and healthy lilac tree with purple lilac flowers in Edmonton

When to Trim and Shape Flowering Trees

As spring emerges, so do the blooms on your flowering shrubs and trees. It’s time to get a jump on maintenance to keep those gorgeous trees healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Whether you’re planning a spring garden makeover or a simple touch-up, here’s a helpful guide to help you decide when to do your pruning and shaping.


Benefits of Pruning

There are plenty of good reasons to prune your trees and shrubs. Some choose to cut their trees into ornamental shapes for topiaries. But even if you’re not looking for something so novel, pruning will keep your plants at the ideal size for your garden space and keep a healthy plant robust. If you have a shrub with dead, broken or diseased sections, pruning will clear out unsightly elements.

Pruning also enables your trees and shrubs to increase their blooms in future seasons. By trimming away the wilted remains of this season’s flowers, you stimulate the growth for next year.


Timing Is Everything

While it’s generally okay to trim your trees at any time of year, getting the timing right will optimize their flowering potential. If your trees and shrubs produce flowers early in the spring, the best time to prune them is immediately after they’ve flowered; that’s when next year’s buds are ready to develop.

Trees and shrubs that bloom during the latter half of the summer are best pruned during the winter or early spring.


Trimming or Shaping

When you’re calling a professional, it can be helpful to know the difference between trimming and shaping services. Tree shaping is done for ornamental purposes. It involves cutting trees and shrubs into decorative shapes. It may also involve “training” the trees to grow in a particular pattern or design.

Tree trimming involves the removal of branch tips and excess growth from the outermost parts of a tree or shrub. The goal of trimming is to tidy up the tree’s appearance and help it maintain overall health. If your tree is overgrown or diseased, trimming may include cutting back excess growth to return the tree to a healthier growth state.


Schedule a Professional Trimming and Shaping for your flowering trees in Edmonton

Spring is the perfect time to get your flowering trees and shrubs pruned. But whether it’s spring or not, call on the professionals at All Season Tree Service to provide year-round tree care in Edmonton and the surrounding area. We’ll look at your gardens and advise on your best options for tree pruning and shaping.

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