Majestic evergreen trees in winter on a large property in Alberta

Best Trees For A Winter Landscape

Winter provides your garden with a blank slate and an opportunity to reimagine your garden.

When the days get shorter and the air gets chillier, the appearance of your outdoor space alters, and new shapes and colours emerge. Here are some things to think about as you design your yard for the winter season.


Consider Your Space

In areas where seasonal plants are off duty, you may find an open space or a new point of focus. Are there places in your garden where a decorative tree might take centre stage? If you’re planting new trees, be mindful of where you place them on your property to avoid potential damage to your home and utility lines.


Evergreens for Texture and Shading

As the colours of summer and autumn give way to a monochromatic winter palette, the nuances of evergreen trees appear in a fresh light. Your pine, spruce and fir may stand quietly in the background in more flamboyant seasons. In winter, their subtle shading differences emerge to great effect and become even more striking when graced with a layer of snow.

Winter festivals often place the evergreen front and centre, both for its symbolic significance and for its staying power. The holiday season and midwinter celebrations invite you to turn your winter garden into a showcase. If you plan to add lights to your trees, be sure to do so safely.


Deciduous Trees for Simplicity and Surprise

Deciduous trees may take a back seat during the winter when they lose their leaves. But don’t overlook the rustic charm of their bare branches. Consider the contrast between the white curls of birch bark and the silver bark of the Japanese maple. The corked texture of a mature Ohio buckeye gives it interest in the winter when its flashy foliage is out of season.

Explore variety in branch structure with trees like the weeping birch or the Sutherland caragana. Indulge in a splash of colour from berry trees like the rowan.

The spareness of deciduous trees gives you room to get playful with your outdoor space. If you prefer your winter landscape with more flair, winter is an ideal time to decorate those bare branches.

Year-Round Tree Service In Edmonton

Be it adding protective bracing or managing storm damage, the professional arborists at All Season Tree Service are available to care for your trees, no matter what winter brings your way. To arrange a consultation, contact us today.