beautiful plump oranges growing on a tree in an alberta greenhouse

How to Make Fruit Trees Produce More Fruit

Did you know Canada has nearly 130,000 hectares of land dedicated to fruit production? This includes land on private grounds where people grow their own fruit.

You can maintain a fruit tree without too much effort. However, you can't just water your tree and expect it to grow bushels of fruit. You need to take effective steps to maintain your tree and increase your fruit production. 

What are essential tips for fruit tree care? What animals and insects can help you with different types of fruit trees? What should you never do in tree care? 

Answer these questions and you can have healthy fruit trees for years to come. Here is your quick guide.


Improve the Soil

Many people who grow fruit trees try to improve their soil with fertilizers. In actuality, fertilizers can cause the death of fruits and leaves.  

You should add manure and compost to your soil instead of fertilizers. You can make your own compost by mixing green materials like kitchen scraps with brown materials like cardboard. Place these materials in a compost bin outside until you are ready to spread compost out. 


Promote Pollination

Pollination allows your trees to produce fruit. Frost can kill pollen and flowers, so protect your fruit trees during frosty weather. You can cover your tree with horticultural fleece or a blanket and remove it once the weather gets warmer.

Though bees may annoy you, they can carry pollen where it needs to go. Allow

bees and other insects to travel through your yard and don't spray bug spray in your yard.

Protect Your Fruit Tree from Pests

Bees are okay, but winter moths, birds, and beetles can attack your tree and steal your fruit. Do not spread pesticides on your lawn, as these chemicals can kill insects that help your trees. 

Attract the natural predators of your pests to your garden. Cats can scare birds or moths away, so if you or your neighbor have a cat, allow it to run through your garden. 


Prune the Branches Carefully

You should prune branches whenever they interfere with your tree's center of balance or block walkways. But you do not want to cut too many branches off. Your fruit needs to grow on sturdy branches, and you risk damaging the skeleton of your tree with your cuts. 

Trim enough branches to allow the air and light to touch all parts of your tree. Roots can stretch for over 50 kilometers underneath your tree, so make sure your branches are not too long. Make your cuts several inches away from the branch collars, which protect the skeleton from damage. 


Care For Your Fruit Tree – Call All Season Tree Service!

Your fruit tree needs your help. You should add compost and manure to your fruit tree's soil instead of pesticides or herbicides. Protect the pollen on your tree by insulating it from frost and allowing pollinators to circulate through your yard. 

Create a biodiverse garden to get rid of pests that kill your fruit. Hire professionals to prune your branches so your roots have access to sunlight, but don't be too aggressive and never remove many branches at once.

If you need help, call experienced tree professionals. All Season Tree Service serves Edmonton residents. Contact us today.