large towering poplar trees in an alberta forest

Poplar and Aspen Tree Removals On the Rise in Alberta

Forest researchers have observed that many aspen and poplar trees in western Canada are dying.

According to the Canadian Forest Service, half the aspen in Alberta tagged in the past two decades have died, and less new growth is replacing them. This trend isn’t limited to the forests; many western Canadian homeowners are dealing with dying poplars and aspens in their backyards.

Why Are Aspen and Poplars Dying?

There are numerous probable causes for aspen die-out. However, trees in residential neighbourhoods are rapidly succumbing to bronze leaf disease (BLD). BLD is a fungus that causes the leaves on the tree to turn reddish-brown or bronze. In its early stages, you may observe that only a small portion of the tree is discoloured. At this point, investing in professional tree pruning may save the tree.

If left untreated, BLD can spread throughout the leaves and bark. When a tree is weakened by disease, it becomes more susceptible to pests like carpenter worms and poplar borer beetles, which tunnel into the tree and eat away at the wood.


When to Remove Your Aspen or Poplar

Trees add value to your property and may hold sentimental value if you’ve watched them grow through the years. If a beloved tree is sickly, however, it may compromise the safety of your loved ones and the health of the other trees in your yard.

BLD spreads through airborne spores. Therefore, if it’s present in your garden, even in one limb, all your trees are at risk. These trees also pose a risk of falling. If one of your trees is leaning or discoloured, it may be at risk of collapsing, exposing you to potential injury, property damage and power line disruption.


Safe Removal of Towering Trees

The most prudent action you can take with your sick or dead aspen and towering poplar trees is to have them removed entirely, stump and all. Then, you can replace it with a healthy tree and use the opportunity for a yard makeover. For the sake of your property value, the safety of your loved ones and the overall health of your garden, it’s best to remove a diseased tree quickly.


Aspen and Towering Poplar Tree Removal in Edmonton and Surrounding Cities

Have you taken a good look at the poplars and aspen on your property lately? To ensure your yard is in top condition, All Season Tree Service can inspect your trees for disease and parasites. If needed, our team can remove the tree safely, grind the stump and plant a healthy tree in its place. Contact us to arrange a home visit and request a free estimate today!