A person walking under a canopy of large snow-covered trees near Edmonton

When and How to Remove Snow on Trees

Snow on trees may look beautiful. However, it has the potential to do those trees serious damage. Today's question is: how do you safely remove snow from trees?

When to Remove Snow from Trees

First, let's discuss when removing snow from trees is necessary.

  • Are branches bending under the weight of the snow? This could cause your branches to break.

  • Is the tree overhanging a valuable or important item? If so, broken branches can cause serious issues.

  • Has the snow begun to ice over upon the branches? If so, it's probably a good idea to remove it proactively. This will prevent heavy ice chunks from falling and injuring people walking or kids playing below.

Therefore, if you have heavy branches covered in snow, it's better to be safe than sorry and rid them of all snow and hire a professional to prune the remnants of the broken branches after a heavy snowfall.


How to Safely Remove Snow from Trees

The snow removal process really comes down to the level of snow that you're dealing with.

  • If the snow is on the light side, you can generally just shake it off by pulling on branches. You might also be able to blow it off with a snow blower or leaf blower. 

  • If the snow is heavier and sticks to the branches, you'll need to apply more force to remove it. This is best done with a shovel, rake, or something similar. Scrape the tool against the branches in an upward motion to remove any clinging snow particles.

But What If the Branches Are Covered in Ice?

If the ice encircles the branch, there's not much you can do to remove it. Instead, you should wait until it thaws out a bit and be very cautious if you must pass underneath it. If the tree is located near a busy area of your property, removing sections of the branches might be in the best interest to avoid accidents or injuries.


Avoid Further Damage After a Heavy Snowfall – Call All Season Tree Service to Prune Hazardous Branches

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